Long Time Coming & Upcoming Horror Talks.

Hello strangers,

Sorry for the not-so-anticipated wait, I suppose a small catch up is in order.

Me, being the unique individual that I am, injured both my feet at the same time. It didn’t happen in some weird way either, I simply slipped. Right foot is broken and the left has deep tissue damage so, Go me!

Hmm, what else? Oh! I managed to go outside alone (literally across the road, also the day I hurt my feet but before I went to the hospital) to see my very loving brother, didn’t end well. According to D, I am perfectly fine mentally and physically and I need to stop making excuses no matter what the doctor says and stop being so lazy. There you have it folks! From the very reliable source that is my brother, there is no such thing as mental health problems and physical injures and an exaggeration.

On a good note though, I did manage to go outside no matter how it ended. I have also had a regular visitor lately in the form of one of my oldest friends (I think he just likes laughing at me hobbling along on my crutches though) . It has just been decided that after my doctor’s appointment today we are going to blog together and review as we watch.

My friend, he goes by Oscar online, has a horror movie review blog. I’m not sure how this double blogging is going to work out but we’ll find a way! Link to his blog at the bottom of this post, please check it out!

Wish me luck at the doctor’s and I shall catch you all later!


Oscar Stokerhttps://oscarstoker.wordpress.com/

In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.” – Nikos Kazantzakis


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