People are idiots.

It’s true! Let me explain.

I was going to explain in detail but that would take far to long. Let’s put it this way, I went for an appointment this morning and the woman I seen completely disregarded my file and the state I was in (I was pale, shaking and stuttering like a fool in a crowded open plan office). Apparently she is going to help me look for a job (which I am not allowed to do for the next 2 years at least) and then telling me not to worry as I will only be there about once a week and I will be part of a group. How is that not worrying for me? Does she even know what social anxiety is?

Oh, and as I am how I am, I can’t actually go out alone as I have anxiety attacks so I only leave if my mother comes with me (which my file states) yet she expects me to go there alone every week to sit with strangers and talk about what I’m doing to look for work.

Am I taking this out of proportion or is my stress justified?

Is it any wonder why I don’t like people?


Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it. ” –  P. J. O’Rourke